New AEC in Cyber Security


Dawson is launching a new AEC in Cyber Security: Prevention and Intervention to meet the growing demand for jobs in the workforce in Quebec, Canada and the world.

Susie Bouchard of Dawson’s Continuing Education and Community Services expects to welcome the first students in the fall of 2024, probably in November.

Students take the program part time allowing them to hold a job while studying. The courses will be given during the evenings and some weekends. Students are expected to complete the 570-hour program in about a year.

This AEC program provides instruction on how to safeguard an organization’s digital assets and information from various threats. Throughout the program, students will learn to identify and document specific security requirements, conduct risk assessments to data, software and hardware, as well as address the installation, testing and operation of essential security software and tools.

The Cyber Security program is for candidates who want to gain new skills or transition into a new area in their careers.

Those who take this training can work as Cybersecurity Technicians, who are employed across various sectors of the economy in both companies and organizations in the private and public sectors.

The new program is a Specialization AEC. “This means that students will have prior studies and knowledge related to the discipline,” Susie said. “The entrance requirement is either an AEC in Network Administration and Support or a DEC in Computer Science, both programs offered at Dawson. In the absence of these exact prerequisites, equivalent programs of study or experience in the workforce can also satisfy the admission requirements.”

“We are excited about this new program that allows us to diversify our offerings and meet the needs of our community,” said Susie.

Special thanks to those who contributed to developing the new program:

  • The Office of Academic Development provided support and guidance
  • The new program is related to the Computer Science DEC (it is the DEC de Réference, which most AEC programs have) so the Co-Chairs were consulted for their support.
  • Carlton Davis of Computer Science lent his expertise to review the program document and offer feedback
  • Electronics Engineering Chair Jimmy Plaitis also was consulted and provided feedback. Electronics Engineering is the DEC de Réference for the Network Administration and Support AEC.

Visit the program page for more information. How to apply information will be added soon on this page: /aec/programs/cybersecurity-prevention-and-intervention/

Last Modified: March 28, 2024