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Corporate & Customized Training

We help our clients improve employee skills,
performance and productivity in the workplace

About us

ǿմýƵ’s Corporate & Customized Training provides customized courses, training and workshops to both the public and private sectors.


We draw on the expertise of an extensive network of talented professional instructors and 30 years of experience offering training for professional development.

Our qualified instructors are well equipped with workplace experience as well as an expert-level knowledge of the subject matter. They are available to deliver the workshops and training you require on-site at your premises or online.

Commitment to Clients

At Dawson, we are committed to optimizing your organization’s investment in employee development.

We work closely with our clients in order to assess your needs and develop the customized content that will help your business or organization accomplish its training objectives.

Services (primarily in English)

  • Courses, training workshops and demo presentations
  • Training needs assessments
  • Pre-course proficiency evaluations
  • Formative evaluations
  • Course instruction, materials and customization tailored to your distinct needs
  • Customized training adapted to your schedule and delivered on-site at your premises or online
  • Mid and final training assessment reports and optional post training follow-ups
  • Certificates of Participation issued to each participant upon successful completion of the class

Areas of Expertise

We offer our clients a wide variety of topics that can be fully customized to suit the specific training needs of employees, in terms of both content and duration.

  • Computer Science – Database Management
  • Computer Science – Web Design & Programming
  • Design – Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing – Online Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Engineering & Design
  • Languages – English & French
  • Organizational Development
  • Productivity & Office Automations – Accounting
  • Productivity & Office Automations – MS Office
  • Project Management


Last Modified: March 7, 2023