Emergency Procedures


IN EMERGENCY: call Security at 514-931-8731 local 1000 or use an Emergency Call Box located on each corridor.

What you should know

Know the location(s) of the Emergency Phones

  • The evacuation plans, posted at the start of each corridor throughout the College, indicate the location(s) of the nearest Emergency Phone.
  • In case of emergency, look for a red sign at eye level and you will find a stainless steel box on the wall below it.

Know what to do in the event of:

Ongoing review of emergency procedures

As part of our ongoing review of emergency procedures, the College will begin issuing a reminder to all employees by e-mail beginning of each semester once in August and again in January.

  • Regarding emergency procedures and the roles of responsibilities of all 10,000 members of the community.
  • To ensure that faculty, students and staff understand; what is expected of them, if an emergency situation or exercise arises.
  • A permanent feature on the student portal will help to make students aware of, how they need proceed in the event of an emergency.

It is important to remember that the College鈥檚 active role in an emergency is most intense in the first 10 minutes (or less) of a real emergency; before the City鈥檚 emergency services arrive on the scene.

Once police and fire officials arrive, we must obey their directives.

It is also important to note that for the past 6 years, our evacuation drills have shown that we can safely evacuate the entire building in under 10 minutes. For this reason is why we value the cooperation of every member of the Dawson community.

Again, thank you for your continued collaboration on this very important matter of adhering to the College鈥檚 emergency protocols to ensure a safe environment.

Last Modified: January 8, 2024