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Zero to one

Peter Thiel

All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition.

Peter Thiel

November 24 2019

Difference between

"0 to 1" and "1 to n"

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?
- Peter Thiel

PayPal mafia is one of the most interesting groups in silicon valley; they are the innovators and the dreamers of our century. Peter is one of them, and currently, he is a venture capitalist; not just a common one but one that invested in Facebook from the beginning. This book Zero to One is special, not because it is written by a visionary but because it is written by one of the most admired entrepreneurs Peter Thiel.

Anyone could talk about Google, Tesla, Facebook, etc., but when Peter Thiel talks about them it’s time for us to listen. As an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, Peter explains why some start-ups become a billion-dollar company and some start-ups don’t.

Statistically speaking, there aren’t many googles and facebooks out there— they are outliers; his diagrams in the book shows us how Google became Google and why Google is so successful. If you want to view the world like an entrepreneur, read his book Zero to One.

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