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In the normal course of college-related life, students engage in academic work or participate in a wide range of activities that take place at locations away from the college鈥檚 campus. Some of these activities may be directly related to an individual鈥檚 formal academic study, program or research. Other activities, such as athletics team travel and recreational and social events organized or sponsored by the college, relate to the out-of-classroom experiences of students.

To address the safety and well-being of college members participating in such activities, the Off-Campus Student Travel and Activities Policy was developed. The accompanying procedures and forms are designed to assist in the planning and safe execution of all off-campus activities. Examples of activities covered under this policy are:

  • Travel study trips
  • Field trips (during or outside of regular class time)
  • Team sports
  • Conference/festival attendance
  • Exchange programs

If you are unsure about whether this policy applies to a specific activity, please consult your Sector Dean or the Director of Student Services.

Policy & Procedure

  • Recognizing that increasing numbers of students are involved in off-campus activities, the College wishes to encourage those activities and ensure that they are conducted in the safest possible manner. To that end,聽 the College has adopted an institutional policy that will regulate all college-sponsored off-campus activities involving students.
  • These Procedures and Guidelines are designed to assist in the planning and safe execution of off-campus activities. While these procedures provide requirements and parameters for a number of particular situations, it should be recognized that no set of procedures can address every possible contingency. The persons responsible for an activity should assess the proposed activity according to the applicable circumstances.

Activity Coordinator聽Forms

  • Checklist of actions to be taken for off campus activity
  • Checklist of required documentation
  • Request form for undertaking an off-campus activity
  • Notification for an off campus activity not invovling an overnight stay.
  • Pre-departure notification form to be completed for Dawson Security
  • Critical incident report form
  • Post activity report form to be completed by activity coordinator.

Student Forms

  • Students participating in college sponsored activites are obliged to read, sign and submit a copy of this form.
  • Consent and release form to be completed by each student participating in the activity.
  • Form to complete if student will not be following the established itinerary.
  • Consent form for a minor travelling outside Canada
  • Student emergency contacts
  • Student health information form

Last Modified: June 18, 2024