Dawson has a brand new Social Science Program for Fall 2023

After three years of work, the input of more than 100 teachers and professionals, and consultation with universities and other stakeholders and partners, Dawson鈥檚 Board of Governors approved the program in October 2022. Social Science is the most popular pre-university program at Dawson and in Quebec. Dawson鈥檚 program and profiles have all been thoroughly rethought and refreshed to form a new generation of social scientists.

All social science disciplines available at Dawson

The new program is intended to allow students to explore the disciplines as much as possible and there is no better place than Dawson for that. All 11 social science disciplines are available at Dawson and students can take courses in a minimum of five different disciplines and a maximum of seven depending on the profile they have chosen.

A total of eight profiles will be offered, including the brand new Society and Technology Profile, which is unique in Quebec.

Explore our different profiles below and watch our FAQ videos to learn more about each unique Social Science profile available at Dawson!

Social Science profiles


The Commerce Profile will allow you to explore the foundations of business, take mathematics courses and participate in teamwork. This is great preparation for further studies in commerce at the university level.

Education, Family and Childhood

Focusing on the role of children in family and society, this profile is a great path for those interested in entering the field of Education at university.

General Studies

General Social Science gives you the opportunity to explore and discover various disciplines at CEGEP before committing to more focused studies at university.

International Business Studies

This profile grounds your exploration of the Social Sciences in the fields of business and globalization. It also gives you the mathematics classes you need to pursue studies in Business and Commerce at the university level.

Law, Society and Justice

In a small community of enthusiastic students interested in pursuing careers in law and public service, you will explore the relationship between law and society.


In the Psychology Profile, you will learn about the mental, social and cultural processes that shape the human mind and behaviour through courses, guest lectures and laboratory studies.

Social Change and Solidarity

Become part of a close community of students, teachers, and alumni dedicated to social and environmental justice, and experience hands-on learning with local and global partners.

Society and Technology

This future-looking profile allows you to explore contemporary cultural, social and policy issues related to technology through a wide range of social science disciplines.

Last Modified: February 15, 2024