Dawson has various frequently used forms available online. This forms can be complete in Acrobat Reader and either printed and given to the people needing them, or, if you have Adobe Acrobat (the complete program and not just the reader), emailed to the recipient.

Bookstore Forms

  • For coursepacks.
  • Chairperson's approval of an order and liability to the department for unsold copies.

Corporate Affairs

  • Form to be used for the disposal of Confidential Documents

Facilities Management

Online Requests

  • under Non-Academic Services choose tab Facilities Management Work Service to submit a FAMA service request, except for key requests and code changes how-to
  • under Non-Academic Services choose tab Printshop Online Report to view the report, which is searchable by budget code and can be downloaded as a pdf or csv file.
  • under My Omnivox Services choose tab Reprography and copyrights to submit your documents to print, which can be picked up at the Printshop 2E.1

Forms & Documents

  • Please keep a copy of the report and submit the original to Security (2E.14)
  • Please consult the following document for emergency procedures for 星空传媒视频.
  • Please consult the following document for emergency procedures for Montreal Forum.
  • Please send the completed form to Building Maintenance
    - office: 2E.21
    - email: buildingmaintenance@dawsoncollege.qc.ca
  • This form is to order keys for rooms, filing cabinets, desks and to change door codes. Once the form has been approved, please
    - bring it to 2E.21 or
    - email it to buildingmaintenance@dawsoncollege.qc.ca
  • Reservation form needs to be filled out, once you have verified the availability of the Theatre. This form is a fillable pdf but must be printed for the appropriate signatures. When signed, please bring it to 2E.21
    Once received, a confirmation will be emailed to the originator.

Finance Forms

Finance Forms

  • This form is needed for:
    1. Requesting an advance for College related business, when the amount is over $100.00.
    2. Reporting expenses against an expense advance.
    3. Reimbursement of 鈥渙ut of pocket鈥 expenses (exceeding $100.00).
    4. Payments to a company under contract.
    5. For reporting of revenues from College activities.
  • This form must be completed and submitted along with any deposits (cash or cheques) to Finance. Please note that the form must be signed and approved.
  • This form should be filled up and uploaded to the SharePoint drop folder 
    It should be used for individual guest speakers only - Without an employee number - Individual guest speakers do not have a registered GST, QST, or TVH number.
    Individual guest speakers do not have a "Numero d'entreprise du Quebec", commonly known as an NEQ number.
    They also don't have an Identification number
    If the individual has a Dawson employee number, please fill-up a STEC form, and send it to Payroll.
    If the individual is NOT a Canadian resident, accounts payable will contact the requester for further directives.
    For any other situation, accounts payable will be able to assist you.
  • This form is used to request advances up to $100. The form must be approved and can be submitted during petty cash hours.
  • This form is used for reimbursement of "out of pocket" expenses less than $100 (use Cheque Requisition Form for expenses $100.) Original receipts must be submitted with the voucher which must be signed by two individuals (Submitter and Approver).
  • The process of delegating signing authority requires that all parties are aware of the appropriate College by-laws that they are subject to. Upon authorization the delegator will continue to be responsible for the proper use of this authority. Ensure that before any financial activity occurs, Finance is given an approved signed Authority Delegation Form. All signing authorities must be renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Business Expenses

  • Board members and employees incurring expenses on authorized College business are entitled to have all such reasonable expenses reimbursed to them and to receive a limited advance towards such expenses.

Human Resources


Hiring Forms


  • Applicants to Continuing Education postings or AEC postings will be required to complete a "Declaration of Employment Status" form. This form is usually covered as a questionaire in the on-line application process and only needs to be complete in its current form if the applicant is applying with a paper CV or after the application deadline.

Payroll Forms

Please send Short Term Employment Contracts to hrhelp@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

Staff and Students Timesheet

Please contact Payroll (payroll@dawsoncollege.qc.ca)

& These forms are used to determine the amount of tax to be deducted from an individual's employment income.
Examples of who should be completing these forms - individuals who:

  • have a new employer;
  • want to change amounts previously claimed;
  • want to increase the amount of tax deducted at source;

Absence Reporting

  • Form for reporting absence due to syndical activity.
  • Form for reporting absences (illness, vacation, personal day, etc...).
  • Form for reporting absences (illness, vacation, personal day, etc...).
  • Form for teachers to complete to transfer their availability.

Employee Personal Information

  • All new employees to the College must complete this form. Any personal information changes to be made for current employees can be done through Omnivox - Personal file.

Professional Development

For more information, visit the Professional Development page.

Medical and Dental Claim Forms

For more information, visit the Employee Insurance and Benefits page.

Leave of Absence

  • Application for faculty request for leave of absence (non-medical).
  • Application for Voluntary Workload Reduction for Faculty (non-medical). Please download the form, complete it and submit it to hrfaculty@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.
  • Application for professionals and support staff request for leave of absence (non-medical).
  • Application for Voluntary Workload Reduction (non-medical) for Professionals. Please download the form, complete it and submit it to hrhelp@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.
  • Application for Voluntary Workload Reduction (non-medical) for Support Staff. Please download the form, complete it and submit it to hrhelp@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.

IST Forms

Please use this form to request computer equipment such as laptops, workstations, printers and screens.

  • This form is required to authorise generic accounts, i.e. which are not tied to a specific person, as per the Account Policy (IST-04).
  • Form for Faculty members to include when submitting Opscan Exams for scanning.

Objective Test Scoring Service - User Guide
This document outlines the procedure to be followed for submitting Opscan Exams for scanning. Alternatively teachers can also use the Kyocera Scanning Assistant to grade their multiple-choice exams and get the results immediately.

Student Off-Campus Travel & Activities Forms

Activity Coordinator聽Forms

  • Checklist of actions to be taken for off campus activity
  • Checklist of required documentation
  • Request form for undertaking an off-campus activity
  • Notification for an off campus activity not invovling an overnight stay.
  • Pre-departure notification form to be completed for Dawson Security
  • Critical incident report form
  • Post activity report form to be completed by activity coordinator.

Student Forms

  • Students participating in college sponsored activites are obliged to read, sign and submit a copy of this form.
  • Consent and release form to be completed by each student participating in the activity.
  • Form to complete if student will not be following the established itinerary.
  • Consent form for a minor travelling outside Canada
  • Student emergency contacts
  • Student health information form

Last Modified: June 18, 2024