Forces Avenir Recognizes Outstanding Contributions at Dawson


On May 16, ǿմýƵ hosted the annual Forces Avenir ceremony to honour outstanding contributions from students and faculty members. Hosted by Geoff Kloos from Student Services, the event highlighted notable achievements in various disciplines.

Following the ceremony, attendees were invited to a reception to celebrate the award recipients and their impact on the Dawson community.

Here are the esteemed recipients of the 2024 Forces Avenir Awards. Congratulations to all!

The Dawson Robotics Team

The Dawson Robotics Team was honoured with the Science and Technology Award for their excellence in incorporating STEAM values and achieving first place in the 22-school-wide Canadian Robotics Competition in 2023.

The team, comprising around 40 students from diverse programs, has excelled in robotics and various technical skills.

The Intercollegiate Eco-Exposition

Led by students Fatih Amin and Leila Pozzi, the Intercollegiate Eco-Exposition won the Environment Award for promoting environmental awareness and action among CÉGEPs in Montreal.

The event brings together green committees from various colleges to showcase their projects and initiatives, inspiring tangible change. By highlighting sustainable practices taken by numerous CÉGEPs, the expo aims to foster a heightened sense of environmental responsibility among students, faculty, staff, and parents. This unique initiative is relevant to the specific context of CÉGEPs in Montreal, where many green clubs lack the resources and inspiration to impact their schools effectively.


The Dawson Muslim Student Association Humanitarian Initiative 

The Dawson Muslim Student Association Humanitarian Initiative was awarded for its efforts to break stereotypes and provide aid both locally and internationally. Their projects include orphan sponsorships in vulnerable countries local food distribution and winter warmth kits.

About 25 students are involved in the executive and another 40 are regular volunteers. They have learned various skills, such as event planning, public speaking and entrepreneurship and some have even landed internships and jobs. Their goal is to mobilize youth for humanitarian causes.

The ARTZ Showcase

The ARTZ Showcase, which unites student artists across the CEGEP system, was celebrated with the Arts, Literature and Culture Award for providing a platform for artistic expression and supporting various causes through its not-for-profit events.

The group strives to accomplish its many objectives by hosting a yearly intercollegiate variety show, which welcomes college students from diverse artistic backgrounds to bask in its beaming lights for a one-night-only event. In addition, this event presents itself as an opportunity for students from various academic backgrounds to gain experience in their designated fields, by contributing to the ARTZ showcase committees.

Faculty member Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens, Chair of the Philosophy Department, was recognized with the Committed Staff Member Award for his significant contributions to student engagement, innovative teaching during the pandemic, and ethical use of AI in education.

The impact of Robert’s four years as Chair of the Philosophy department is evident. By implementing strategies to enhance student engagement, the number of philosophy courses more than doubled, and student enrollment more than tripled. This remarkable success explains why Robert received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2011.


Dawson student Noella Beersa

Liberal Arts student Noella Beersa was honored with the Persevering Student Award for overcoming personal hardships and excelling academically. Her journey from a difficult childhood to being placed in foster care at 13, and eventually becoming an independent and determined young adult, is truly inspiring.

Noella wants all children from foster homes and difficult family situations to know that it is possible to achieve their dreams.


Dawson student Kiera Robak

Kiera Robak received the Committed Student Award for their extensive volunteer work and leadership in various humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

They have completed over 500 hours of volunteering with the Dawson Student Union, the volunteer network Blue Ring, and the environmental group Sustainable Dawson. Additionally, as an executive of the Green Earth Club, they organized donation campaigns for local homeless shelters and fundraisers for animals, raising around $1,000 through these efforts.

Their ability to balance academics and community service has resulted in significant personal growth and a positive impact on the community.

Last Modified: May 23, 2024