The Campus Life Office in Student Services manages a used book exchange page that connects students selling used textbooks with students who may want to buy them.

This database is found in Omnivox under Student Services -> Market Place.

星空传媒视频 is not responsible for the privacy of your personal information.

Also, Dawson is not responsible for the outcome of聽the transactions聽between students nor the quality of the listings. Students using this book exchange site聽should聽carefully review and research the books they聽wish to聽purchase聽to make sure they are in good condition, reasonably priced and are indeed the proper book and edition needed for their class.

Please make sure if purchasing a textbook that includes an online tutorial that this tutorial has not been used,聽as many of them are for one time use only. If the online tutorial is not functional, the sale price of the textbook should be adjusted accordingly.

Should you have any questions regarding this used book exchange service, please contact the Campus Life Office in room 2E.4 or by e-mail at

Last Modified: September 6, 2023